1.11 Hiver ~ Le Premier Bal

colettes ltw yay

First, the good news. Colette became the first of the Kulturas to reach her lifetime wish! With 66 bottles of nectar worth 10,000 simoleans, she is one extremely happy sim (especially now that she gets to drink it all!).

Screenshot-3 Screenshot-34Pax also maxed the cooking skill, putting him at 2/3 of the way towards his own lifetime wish.

But now the bad news.

Screenshot-100“What do you mean he already has a girlfriend?” Anne-Marie called Hollie shortly after the incident with Will. Hollie promised to never date him and now also considered him scum for leading her on.

“Yeah, it’s all over school. Will and Adrienne were caught making out in the locker room…mon ami, I’m so, so sorry.”

Anne-Marie hung up the phone and then dialed another number. She certainly had something to say.


“How could you do this to me?!”


“Hey look it isn’t my fault okay? She was cute and I liked her. Why do you have to be so clingy, we’re not even an item.”

Anne-Marie lowered her arms. “You went and got a girlfriend, someone who wasn’t even Hollie, even though you seemed to be pining after her! Don’t you have a conscience?”


“Anne-Marie, it doesn’t matter what you think because the world doesn’t cater to your love life. I thought we could be friends, but it’s best if we just keep our distance.”





Going to school was hard for Anne-Marie, but Vivian was right by her side through it all.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s just a meanie. I wouldn’t bother with him no more.” And when Will boarded the bus, Vivian made sure to give him the stink eye.

Anne-Marie was grateful that Vivian was there to keep her from crying in the hallway.


On the first snowday of the season, Anne-Marie and Vivian woke up early to play while Pax and Colette slept soundly. Anne-Marie would tap out tunes on the piano while Vivian played at the block table.


When their parents finally did wake up, Colette was both sore and tired. She wanted to go back to sleep, blaming the cold weather for her grumpiness.

“Pax, mon petit chou, let me sleep.” She crinkled her nose and continued, “It’s much too cold for me to go out.”

Pax rubbed his wife’s shoulders lovingly and said, “Come on, the girls don’t have to go to school today, let’s go out and enjoy the snow.”

So the family piled into a taxi and went to the festival.


Pax and Colette started building an igloo towards the edge of the park.


Anne-Marie got her face painted. She went with the snowflakes to be festive.


Vivian was shredding the halfpipe.

“Look at me!” She called. Pax and Colette snapped a few photos of their youngest.

“Be careful!” Pax warned.

“I can do tricks!” Vivian shrieked. Her laughter filled the park. She was most definitely enjoying herself.

Screenshot-29Even Anne-Marie was having a good time on the ice. She was actually a very good ice skater.


Once they finished their igloo, Pax and Colette started building a snowman.


And then the whole family joined in on a snowball fight.

“Nyehh, nyehh you’ll never get us!” Vivian taunted, sticking out her tongue.

The Kultura’s day ended with the family taking a portrait in the photo booth.



And because they didn’t get their usual photos from the booth, Pax and Colette posed for their own romantic snap.

“Smile, mon petit ch-” Pax cut Colette off with a quick kiss. He pulled away and showed her the photo on his phone. Colette grinned and turned to him, “C’est beau.”

“So are you.”

“Pax! Since when were you such a romantic?” Colette asked teasingly, pinching his cheek.



What’s with all the snowmen Pax?

You know, I had a sudden wish to make a whole bunch of them this morning. I think they make the garden look really festive. Don’t you agree Watcher?


Anne-Marie watched as her papa built snowmen and thought it would be a good idea to make a few of her own as well.


And Vivian didn’t want to be left out of all the fun, so she ran outside and started building her own set.


And then Colette  had to add her own as well, which resulted in a total of a 20 snowmen army in the Kultura’s front yard.

Screenshot-57 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-55

But all the snowmen decorations worked out perfectly because the Kulturas were throwing a Snowflake Day party.


Pax made them a delicious breakfast to start the day off.

“Happy Snowflake Day everyone.” He said.

“Happy Snowflake Day papa!”


The guest list was kept at a minimum – Colette’s two friends Albert (who was currently trying to win her over) and Noelle, Anne-Marie’s friend Hollie, and Vivian’s friend Cecilia.


Screenshot-67 Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72

Overall, everyone was very happy with their gifts. Vivian got the newest video game system.


Anne-Marie got an acoustic guitar.


And Colette and Pax got an updated remodel to their kitchen to include more counter space and some fun new appliances.

Screenshot-93It also happened to be prom night! Hollie and Anne-Marie had decided to go together as friends, so as the party started dying down, the girls went ahead and got ready for their big night.



“Hollie, we look so good!” Anne-Marie exclaimed, twirling in her dress.


“Yes, but most importantly you look good. So strut your stuff and show to Will what he’s missing out on. Make that boy regret breaking your heart.”


“Thank you for going with me. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Don’t mention it Anne-Marie, you’re my best friend. Oh! There’s the limo!” Hollie let out a shriek, “Okay, let’s go. Au revoir Monsieur et Madame Kultura. Thanks for throwing such an awesome party!”


And so the girls set off to what was going to be one of the most exciting nights of their teen lives.


Anne-Marie, much like her mother and sister, loved dancing. And with Hollie as a partner, the two girls spent a lot of time out on the dance floor.


Well, until she fell that is.


“A Night in Paris” – very creative.


Most of the school had found out about the Anne-Marie/Will/Adrienne scandal and was going to vote for her anyways because she was a very kindhearted sim who deserved the crown. But a little begging certainly didn’t hurt her chances.


“Cecilia, when it’s our prom, remind me not to go!” Vivian declared as she built her castle.

“Why?” her friend asked. “Your sister and her friend looked so happy. And it’s a dance! You get to wear a pretty dress, and dance with boys, and-”

“I’m going to cut you off at boys. I mean who cares about boys? My sister’s heart just got crushed by one. I’m never going to date boys! Love is for sissies.”

“Th-that’s a bit harsh mon ami.”

Vivian just shrugged and smashed her block tower. “Whatever. Do you want to go and play some video games?”

Screenshot-87 Screenshot-88

When Anne-Marie got home she was exhausted, but really happy about that night’s events. She had a great time, and she could hardly believe that she won prom queen. She placed her crown on her dresser and the picture of her and Hollie on her desk. It was certainly a night to remember.



“Papa, I’m kicking your butt, you are garbage at this game!”

“It’s the controller Vivian! Your old man can play video games just fine.”

Vivian loved playing video games, but she hated playing alone. However, Anne-Marie was out almost all the time now, and her friends couldn’t always come over. So, here she was, playing with her papa…not that she minded. In fact, he was a really good sport when he lost.

“Got room for one more?” Colette asked, coming out of the kitchen.


It was the easiest way to bond with their youngest, and she was so happy to play games with her parents.

I’ll enjoy it now. Before she gets to that stage where it’s ‘uncool’ to hang out with your mom and dad.

Oh Pax, you’ll never be too uncool to be around. And Vivian loves you, she’ll always have time to crush you at video games.

And while the rest of her family stayed at home, Hollie and Anne-Marie went on a girl’s day out to spend time in the park together.

“You know what Hollie? I think I’m ready to move on.”

Screenshot-109“Really? You mean you’re over that schmuck Will?”

“Yeah. I think it’s time to start looking for love in other places.”

“You better be careful Anne-Marie. Don’t go out searching for love. Let love find you.”

Screenshot-111“No, if I just wait around, love will never find me. I have to go out and find it on my own. So…wish me good luck!”

Hollie shook her head and said, “I sure do hope you know what you’re getting into here Anne-Marie.”



Grand total: 8

Culturacy Points: 1

Unique Topped Self Employed Job: 0

Unique Topped Part Time Job: 1

Unique LTW: 1 

100,000 Accumulated Happiness Points: 2

100,000 Accumulated Simoleons [House + Family Funds]: 1

Family Portraits: 2

Sims who received all traits with inhericy rules: 0


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8 Responses to 1.11 Hiver ~ Le Premier Bal

  1. Heather says:

    O heavens, the snowman army was hilarious! I love their winter picture and the party looked like fun! Looks like Anne-Marie and Hollie might have a future! Pax and Colette are as lovely as ever. I’m also looking forward to Vivian aging up! Always fun!

    • plumbawesim says:

      I didn’t know they couldn’t go to prom as friends!!!! Anne Marie got invited by Hollie a few days beforehand and I said yes and they came back romantic interests :I dang it EA.
      Not that I wouldn’t mind them together, I haven’t quite decided. She actually has quite a few romantic interests.
      Vivian is aging up in the next part! I’m very excited 😀
      Thanks for commenting ^_^

  2. zefiewings says:

    Aww! This was a great chapter, you are really good at writing all the different dynamics of the family really well.
    I have a question about the next gen; will you be using the rule that you can make your own spouse for the culture? I’m also curious on how you will do the votes.
    But if its a surprise feel free to tell me to just wait and see lol I will try and be patient but it is exciting.

    • plumbawesim says:

      Yes I’ll be making my own spouse! In fact, I already have him ready for the girls to meet when they go on vacation!
      Because I already know which culture I’m doing next, I think I’m just going to have a normal heir poll between Anne Marie and Vivian. I’ll set up the heir vote right before the oldest child in a gen becomes a YA so after two more parts you’ll be able to vote 🙂
      I’m very excited! And thank you for commenting, I’m glad you like it

  3. brainofivane says:

    Whoa. Will is quite the player… Tsk, tsk… Fooled all of us.

    Looks like Vivian was right about Will all along. We should make a mental note to trust Vivian more for the rest of this story.

    Vivian… so cute at the half-pipe!

    All the snowmen reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes… but their snowmen were more… hmm… brutal.

    And the kitchen all fit in one box I bet. Haha…

    LOLed at the begging. Congratulations, Anne-Marie!

    I love Vivian’s character. You’re really good at painting distinct characters for each of them. 🙂

    “Oh Pax, you’ll never be too uncool to be around.” – In the Watcher’s very non-biased opinion!

    I sense trouble in Anne-Marie’s future. But then I’m not Colette… so… Ah well… I’m all caught up! Will be adding this story to my list of favorites! Really enjoyed!

    • plumbawesim says:

      Hahaha, I kind of added that part in 😉 nRaas StoryProgression assigned him a girlfriend before I could do anything about his romantic status but it’s fine.

      Vivian, I think, just doesn’t think highly of boys XD they are clearly not meant to be trusted.

      Glad you’re enjoying the legacy so far! Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I really appreciate all the feedback and praise 🙂 you rock! Hopefully a new part will be out soon ^_^

  4. bamasimsgirl says:

    Love it

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