1.12 Printemps ~ Beaucoup D’amour


“Bonne Fête a toi
Bonne Fête a toi
Bonne Fête a Vivian!
Bonne Fête a toi”


Today is Vivian’s birthday! She’s finally joining her older sister in teenhood (something Anne-Marie doesn’t look too excited about).

I’m so happy for her. Watcher, did I raise her right? You don’t think she’ll grow up rebellious or mean spirited or anything do you?

Of course not Pax. You and Colette gave Anne-Marie and Vivian the best possible childhood a young girl could ever have. She will grow up to be great, I promise. Now look, the sparkles are happening.



And yet, while Vivian may appear to have grown up, she is clinging to her youth and can be considered rather childish for her age.


“So I don’t have to do the dishes on my birthday, right?”


Meanwhile, Anne-Marie was sulking in the kitchen. She had been turned down for three dates this spring so far and felt a bit burned. Her plans for finding a man were not going the way she planned.


But, it was Vivian’s day and her first request was to play video games with her papa. Pax was so happy when she asked him and said of course he would join her.

“Papa how are you still so bad at this?”

Pax signed in resignation and looked back at his oldest daughter, who was still sulking in the kitchen. “Anne-Marie, would you like to play the new game with us? I’m sure your sister would love your company.”

I’m worried about her. It’s too early for her to start thinking about settling down. And she’s always so sullen…

She’ll perk up soon enough! 

Do you think Vivian will be as boy crazy as her sister…I don’t know if I can handle two angsty teenage daughters.

That’s what Colette is for. And, to be perfectly honest, Vivian seems more interested in her video games, comic books, and dance barre to think about dating for even a second.


Anne-Marie agreed to play games with her family, for Vivian’s sake anyways, and it really brought up her mood. She was laughing and joking with her papa and sister; she felt happy.

Screenshot-190“So, I learned this new song just for you Vivian.”

“Going to serenade me, are you?”

“Tais-toi! Ahem…” Anne-Marie dramatically strummed the guitar, “Je suis une pizza, avec du fromage, beaucoup des sauce, des tomates…”

Vivian snorted and rolled her eyes, but she was grinning from ear to ear. She couldn’t decide which was funnier – the ridiculous way her ‘dignified’ sister was singing, or the silly song itself. When Anne-Marie finished her song and took a bow, Vivian clapped and said, “Wow, have you been working on that all day? You are so talented.”

“But you liked it, didn’t you?”

Vivian stuck out her tongue. “Of course I did. Merci, o’ great musical genius sister of mine.”

But while Vivian wanted her age-up ceremony to be a family gathering, she want to have a small celebration of her own.


So she invited over Cecilia for a small sleepover. Pax made porcini risotto, Vivian’s favorite, and the whole family sat around and talked about Vivian’s birth (much to Vivian’s embarrassment).




Then the girls played truth or dare. However, both girls only ever did dares which got old very quickly. For the last round, Vivian dared Cecilia to eat a spoonful of cinnamon.

“Oh come on, all the people on the internet are doing it. C’est trés cool.”

“Vivian, I’m tired, do I have to?”

Vivian walked into her kitchen and grabbed the cinnamon. She handed her friend a large spoon.


“Ugh, here goes nothing…”




“Mon Dieu! I didn’t think it would be like that.”

So after Cecilia drank two glasses of water, the girls decided it might be best to get ready to go to sleep. But, you can’t have a sleepover without a ghost story.


Even Colette came out to listen.

“Oh, that’s so scary Vivian, you’re going to give maman nightmares.”


But then it was time for bed. Even Anne-Marie was invited to join on the floor.



Pax also maxed out his third skill – logic, and now has a wonderful plaque hanging up on the wall.

Félicitations Pax, you’ve completed your lifetime wish! How do you feel?

I’m happy. I’m glad I’ve accomplished something great. And I couldn’t have done it without you Watcher, so thank you.



Vivian also began studying hard for the Bac. Currently, her scores were much lower than Anne-Marie’s, something Pax and Colette weren’t too happy about.


But she didn’t care too much about studying, she loved her barre and she loved her workouts. Training gave her a sense of purpose.

However diligent her training was though, Vivian was quite mischievous.


“Heh, heh, heh, that’ll teach her to take the last beignet.”






Pax hated discipline. However, Colette was busy and not in the house, so he was the only one to do it.

Anne-Marie had come crying to him, her hair neon yellow. Pax wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it himself. Whatever happened to raising good kids?


“Vivian, did you dye your sister’s hair?”

Screenshot-24“It was just a joke! A prank! It washes out right away, I don’t see what the big deal is. Come on papa, haven’t you ever pulled a prank?”

Pax thought about it and then sighed. He rubbed his temples and shooed Vivian away, telling her she was off the hook this time, but it was her only warning.

But Vivian’s pranks didn’t stop there.

Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96

And Anne-Marie was always the target.

Screenshot-178 Screenshot-177

But Vivian was relentless, and Pax really was not good at discipline, so instead he decided to take Anne-Marie out and teach her how to drive.


“Come on papa, we’re killing daylight!”

Anne-Marie was very excited about learning how to drive. It made her feel mature and very important.

She took to driving very well, and Pax was a wonderful teacher.


After a few days of practice, Anne-Marie got her license.

“I’m proud of you Anne-Marie.” Pax said. He placed his hand on her shoulder and continued, “I know you’ve been having a rough time lately with…boys and Vivian but I think you’re handling it very well.”

“Merci papa. It means a lot to hear you say that.” She fiddled with her hair. “Do you mind if I borrow the car? I’m going out on a date tonight.”


Her date was with a boy in her class named Gregory. She was so excited, she got a new dress and did her makeup and hair. She thought he could be the one.


But it didn’t go well. They didn’t have anything in common and he conveniently “forgot” his wallet.

Anne-Marie was not deterred from her failures. Love Day was just around the corner, and if she was going to meet anyone special it would be then.

Screenshot-144Vivian and Anne-Marie decided to spend Love Day at the festival (mostly because Pax and Colette shooed them away). Vivian headed straight for the basketball hoop to work out. It certainly beat dancing…at least, for her it did.

Screenshot-149Anne-Marie was more than happy to go dancing. She enjoyed a good smustle, especially when there was a cute boy nearby.

Screenshot-159She looked over at him to see that he was staring at her. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“So much for subtlety I guess.”

Anne-Marie giggled and held out her hand, “Bonjour stranger. What brings you to the festival all alone today?”

He kissed her hand and pulled her close. He smiled and said, “Oh, just looking for a beautiful lady to dance with.” He gestured towards the dance floor, silently asking her to be his partner.

Anne-Marie blushed and nodded.

Screenshot-160“Je m’appelle Edmond. Your name must certainly be Belle, for I’ve never met a woman as beautiful as you.”

Anne-Marie shook her head, trying to hide her embarrassment. “It’s Anne-Marie actually. After the saint.”

“Ah, but of course. My mistake. You look quite lovely, mademoiselle.”

“Oh, you really don’t need to call me that. Just Anne-Marie is fine.” But inside, Anne-Marie felt giddy and excited at the prospect of a boy noticing her.


Vivian, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about being noticed by the boys at the festival, and rejected any offers to dance (or makeout in the photobooth – yuck!). She happily played on the swingset…until she saw Anne-Marie.

Now, Vivian was a good person who liked looking out for her sister. She just also happened to be right about Will and Gregory and all the other guys she had dated before, and this man was going to be no different.


“Hey guys!” Vivian greeted, “What’s your name? Why are you dancing so close to Anne-Marie? Can I join in? Of course I can, I’m a great dancer, I’ve been dancing my whole life. Move over, make room.”

Anne-Marie, clearly mortified, pushed her sister off the dance floor and hissed, “Get out of the way. His name is Edmond, he’s really nice, back off please.”

Vivian huffed and walked towards the wishing well.


“I wish my sister would stop being such a hormonal snob.”



Vivian, happy that her sister was happy, was sad because ever since Anne-Marie got into the dating scene, she’s been spending less time with her. Vivian kicked the dirt, put her hands in her pockets, and started walking home.


Anne-Marie didn’t even know her sister had left, and dragged Edmond over to the love machine and photo booth. She, at least, had a good time.

Pax and Colette also enjoyed Love Day.


For the occasion, Pax picked some flame fruit from Colette’s garden and baked an angel food cake. Warm fuzzies were the best way to enjoy the holiday.

Screenshot-118 Screenshot-120As Colette was walking out of her greenhouse back inside, Pax stopped her and gave her a passionate kiss.

“Happy Love Day.”

Colette smiled and kissed her husband again. “Happy Love Day mon petit chou. You smell like flour, is there something special in the oven for me?”

“You’ll just have to go put on a nice dress and find out.”

Colette squealed with excitement and rushed towards the door. “I will knock you off your feet Pax. Just you wait.” And with a wink, the door was shut.


Colette also brought out her finest nectar for her and Pax to enjoy. It was expensive and also delicious, the perfect combination.


“Some beautiful flowers for my wonderful wife.”

Colette took the bouquet and smelled them, smiling sweetly. “Oh, they’re beautiful. I love them. Merci!”


Pax had set up a beautiful backyard getaway. Fancy table and chairs with candles and a path of flower petals leading up to it. It was like a dream.

It is beautiful. Colette is definitely enjoying this surprise. 

She’s a romantic kind of sim.


“Pax, I can’t believe you can manage to surprise me still.”

“Well what good is marriage without a few surprises here and there?”

Colette sipped on her nectar. “So, what will we be enjoying with our drinks?”



“A dessert made with only the best quality produce in Champs les Sims.”

Colette tilted her head in confusion as Pax went to grab the cake. When he returned she threw her head back and laughed.

“Mon petit chou, I thought someone had stolen those flame fruit! Ah, mon amour, I’m so glad it went into this. Merci.”



The couple enjoyed their cake as the sun began to set. They sat outside and watched the stars through Pax’s telescope. He pointed out several constellations and she told him her own made up ones.


And they danced together, not caring if the neighbors stared. They were both very happy, warm fuzzies or not, and couldn’t imagine a more perfect Love Day.

“Je t’aime.” Colette whispered in Pax’s ear.

Pax gave his wife a warm hug and whispered back, “I love you too.”


Screenshot-64 Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66 Screenshot-67

Thanks to architect SIMplicity Champs les Sims shopping center has been updated, making it far more pleasurable for sims to visit.

Edmond and Anne-Marie decided to go out and enjoy the night club.


Though perhaps it was not the night club they enjoyed so much as each other.


“Go on,” Edmond coaxed, “go order a drink.”

“But I’m not old enough to buy alcohol…why don’t you do it?”

“Come on, have a little fun. Don’t you like an adventure?”

Anne-Marie wasn’t sure if she quite liked this adventure, but she bravely approached the bar and anxiously shuffled her feet. “Um, can I order some drinks, um, please?”

The bartender gave her a once over and continued to clean glasses. “Can’t serve any to minors.”



The bartender sighed and put down the glass. He looked around and then turned back to Anne-Marie. He said, “Alright, kid, but don’t go blabbing about this to my boss, capiche?”




Anne-Marie took the platter of glasses over to Edmond. “I did it!” Her heart was pumping wildly. Doing something she shouldn’t be was actually kind of thrilling.

And so she drank.

And Edmond drank.

And they drank a lot.


Together they sang a clumsy version of “J’aime les Filles,” a popular song from the 60s their parents probably knew.


Screenshot-85 Screenshot-82 Screenshot-83

However, most of the night was a blur of bright lights, juice, and kisses. In fact, Anne-Marie was out way past curfew.

Edmond called a taxi and told her that they would see each other very soon.


“Listen, we’re going to catch her when she comes in, I swear it. She’s out way past the curfew maman and papa gave her.” Vivian paused, as though listening to the bear speak. “What do you mean I shouldn’t rat her out? She’s always getting me into trouble.” She paused again. “Okay, yeah I KNOW it’s partially my fault but…okay, fine. Let’s just wait for her to come home.”


But while Vivian waited for her sister, she ended up falling asleep on the couch.


Anne-Marie tried to sneak in quietly, but the door creaked as she went inside. Vivian stirred and turned over. She gave her sister a disapproving look. “Welcome home. Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“Do maman and papa know I didn’t come home?”

“Would they really be sleeping if they knew you were still out?” Vivian sat up. “Where were you? You reek.”

“Edmond took me out. Not that it’s any of your business.”

Vivian crossed her arms. “I just want you to be safe. I don’t think this Edmond guy is good for you.”

Anne-Marie started walking towards the staircase. “I hardly think that anyone who still sleeps with her teddy bear is in a position to tell me what to do.”

“I’m just looking out for you.” Vivian’s lower lip began to tremble. “I mean, I was right about all those other guys. I’m sick of seeing you heartbroken, okay?”

Anne-Marie sighed. “Thank you for not telling maman and papa. And thank you for waiting. You’re the best sister I could ever ask for. But I really have to go to bed. I’m…pretty juiced.”

Vivian watched as her sister wobbled up the first few steps and rushed to help her get to bed. “Stupid boys have ruined you.”



The carnival has come to town! Pax and Colette asked if Anne-Marie and Vivian wanted to accompany them, but both girls claimed they were too exhausted and, besides, they didn’t want to be third wheeling on their parents’ anniversary date.

So Pax and Colette went alone.

Screenshot-27“Wow, this is truly amazing.” Pax said in awe. “Colette, let’s go ride the roller coaster first.”


Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31

Pax expected Colette to be more excited about the large drop, as she was the one who was more into adrenaline and adventure.

“Mon petit chou, I need to sit for a while…and not move…”

So they decided it would be best to get a small snack.


They opted for snow-cones instead of the new popcorn or cotton candy. But at least they were happy.


Colette enjoyed a game of whack-a-corndog.


And Pax played the Claw. He was pretty lucky and got a prize on his first try.


Colette was not so lucky.

“Mon petit chou, this is my tenth try and I haven’t won anything.” She pouted, throwing another simolean in the slot. “The game should just give me something, for effort?”

Pax laughed at Colette’s frustration. “I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“Well…it should!”

To take her mind off her losses, Pax points out the carousel.

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42



Then Pax was dared to try the mechanical bull. He survived the ride, but only because he put the setting on easy.

I think the bull was more terrifying than the roller coaster. Because at least with the coaster I’m strapped on.

However, Pax got his revenge when he told Colette to try the gyrosphere.

Screenshot-50 Screenshot-48

But overall, the couple had a wonderful time.


“Happy two year anniversary.”

“May many more come our way.”


Grand total: 9

Culturacy Points: 1

Unique Topped Self Employed Job: 0

Unique Topped Part Time Job: 1

Unique LTW: 2 

100,000 Accumulated Happiness Points: 2

100,000 Accumulated Simoleons [House + Family Funds]: 1

Family Portraits: 2

Sims who received all traits with inhericy rules: 0


Sorry if I’m focusing too much on Anne-Marie! She kind of is the only sim who actually goes out and does anything. Pax is pretty much always sculpting or reading, Vivian is ALWAYS at the barre, and Colette is usually talking on the phone or working in the gardens. And while it’s all very in character, taking screenshots of them doing the same things gets rather old. So…yeah. I might just have to force Vivian out a little bit more now that she’s a teen 🙂




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