2.9 Dōngtiān ~ Xìngfú

Winter ~ Happiness


“Ew, why are you making them kiss?”

Screenshot-2“Because they’re in love. This one is mama and this one is baba and they’re living happily ever after in a giant mansion.”

Shang sat next to his twin and grabbed another set of toys. “Yeah, well if mama and baba are together they are going to need us so they’re not lonely.”

Screenshot-4“Argh, you kids go do your chores! Ming, turn off the t.v. – cable is expensive you know. Tai, help your younger siblings with their homework.” Yue mimicked Jun’s commands.

Screenshot-5“Oh, Jun, leave them alone,” Shang imitated Vivian, “they’re just kids. Let them be, it’ll be fine. Now I’m going to go punch some space rocks in the FACE!”

Yue and Shang erupted into giggles, pausing only to look at each other and then laugh harder. Once they stopped laughing, Yue looked at her toys sadly and said to her twin, “They’re never gonna be together are they?”

Shang shrugged, not knowing how to respond.

Screenshot-23Yue’s jokes aside, Tai really was helping both Yue and Shang with their homework after school. He actually enjoyed helping them learn.

He always helped one on one, and especially enjoyed teaching about math and science. He was passionate about both subjects.

Shang and Yue’s grades continued to improve with the help of Tai’s tutoring.


When he wasn’t helping out his siblings, Tai was reading. Pax left a lot of old books behind, and Tai often found himself dusting off old copies of novels and reading them for fun. Most of the books were actually really good.

Ming called him a nerd, but he didn’t care.




Screenshot-34Ming’s also become quite the prankster. She booby-trapped the entire Kultura house and everyone was made a victim of her antics.

“WATCHER MING! I swear one of these days I’m going to KILL YOU!”

Ming scoffed at the idea of Tai ever doing anyone harm. “Can’t kill me if I snap your twig legs in two.”

While Tai watched the blue dye out of his hair, Ming took the opportunity to steal his homework and start copying it.

Screenshot-44She learned a long time ago that Tai was doing higher level work, and so she figured she would get a free ride out of it. No longer was she going to do any of her own work, and Vivian would get off her back about grades.

Screenshot-12Happy Birthday Vivian. Are you doing anything on this special day?

Made plans with Jun. We’re going out to celebrate, just the two of us. It’ll be a nice change from all the family parties.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-14While all the kids were at school and Colette was out shopping, Vivian and Jun had a private birthday ceremony at the karaoke bar. Vivian blew out her candles and entered adulthood.

Screenshot-16Vivian entered her midlife crisis and wanted to cut off her long hair. Gone is the top bun, and she has opted for something short and mature.

After 40 years of maintaining long hair, I figured it was time to make a change.

Screenshot-17Vivian and Jun drank baiju (Chinese liquor) and ate birthday cake at the bar.

“So why didn’t you want a big celebration? You know birthdays are more important the older you get?”

Vivian shrugged. “It just wasn’t important to me. The kids and I can celebrate on Snowflake Day, but I just wanted something for myself.”

Jun smiled and said, “I can understand that.”

Screenshot-19“You always understand me.” Vivian looked down at her cup and then back up at Jun. She wasn’t sure if it was the midlife crisis or the alcohol that pushed her, but she found herself saying, “Marry me.”

Jun cautiously placed his glass down on the bar. “Are you sure? You’ve never seemed all that interested before.”

“Jun, we’re both adults now. We’ve been together for nearly 20 years. Our kids will all be teenagers by the end of the season. I think it’s finally time.”

Screenshot-18Jun looked at Vivian suspiciously, and then broke out into a smile. “A spring wedding then?”

“That sounds perfect.”

Screenshot-27Vivian and Jun began going out almost every night after they both finished work. Mostly they watched movies at the cinema or hung out at the karaoke bar, but some nights they could be found sitting outside, watching the stars together.

“What are you smiling at?” Jun asked playfully.

“I’m just remembering the last time we were outside, sitting together like this. You had just kissed me totally out of the blue.”

“It was not totally out of the blue! I thought I made it perfectly clear how I felt about you.”

Vivian laughed. “I was a child who’d never experienced romance. You can’t blame me for not knowing you loooooved me.”

“I did not looooove you. And you were the one to approach me initially, going on and on with nonsensical chatter. Supercute Magical Girl Maya and whatnot.”


Vivian’s cheeks began to fill with color. “Shut up. Those comics were precious to me as a kid. Don’t mock them.”

“I’m not. But you’ve also forgotten that the Maya and the oracle who helps her fall in love at the end, isn’t that right?”

“Whaaaaaaat, you actually read it?!”

Jun smirked. Vivian couldn’t believe her ears.

Screenshot-28“I’m so happy.”

Jun kissed Vivian on the cheek. “Me too.”


Everyone took the news of their engagement happily.

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47“It’ll be in the spring. Maman, it’s going to be great. Everything will be in bloom and we’re going to invite everyone.”

Screenshot-49“Oh, Vivian. Maman is so happy for you. Can I help plan your wedding? OH, I new the two of you would end up getting married one of these days. Why did you have to make this old girl wait so long?” Colette gave Vivian several hugs and kisses in celebration.

Screenshot-51“Yay mama! I am so happy for you and baba!” Yue exlaimed, “And I can take so many pictures at the wedding! This is going to be so much fun!”

Screenshot-59“What, baba this is amazing news! Did you know about this Shang?”

Screenshot-60“Duh, of course I know. I know everything.” (he was told by Yue already)


“Yes Anne-Marie you heard me right. Your sister is finally getting hitched…no, I can’t believe it either…don’t worry, you and the whole family is invited to the wedding. Yes, I’m excited too.”

Screenshot-66In fact, the only person in the household who wasn’t thrilled was Ming. When Jun visited (which was more often than ever) she kept her distance. Why now? She wondered. Why, after all this time, were her parents finally getting their act together. It was stupid, she decided.

But everyone was so happy.

Screenshot-53 Screenshot-55Colette had her French romance movies on repeat. She hadn’t been able to touch them since Pax’s passing, but now that Vivian and Jun were finally getting married, she was so happy and excited. Her life felt light and airy.

Screenshot-54Ming couldn’t stand it.

Screenshot-67I feel like maman aged up so much more gracefully than I did.

Are you seriously checking for wrinkles? You were never one to be self conscious.

That was before the engagement. Vivian furrowed her brow. I’m just feeling old is all.

Screenshot-52In fact, Vivian was hitting her midlife crisis hard. New look, new car, and new engagement.

Don’t judge me, I’m going through a lot right now.


ScreenshotBut age didn’t stop Vivian’s exercise regimen. Day in and day out she would be found working out in the living room or in her personal gym. She wasn’t going to let getting old keep her from staying strong.

I’ve worked too hard to let myself go.

Screenshot-9 Screenshot-8Vivian wasn’t the only one obsessed with her self-image. Everyday Colette inspected her face in the mirror. Her wrinkles made her feel sad, but she reminded herself everyday that she is beautiful.

Screenshot-69Before anyone knew it, it was time for a birthday party. Ming was entering young adulthood, and Yue and Shang were both aging up into teenagers.

Yue and Shang were both in the living room, waiting for the party to begin but Ming was outside, clearly leaving the Kultura household.

“Ming, ma cherie, come back inside s’il vous plait.”


Colette couldn’t understand why Ming was leaving, especially on her birthday. She grabbed Ming’s arm, only to be shoved away.

Screenshot-42“Don’t ask me what’s wrong! Don’t get me to go back in there! I don’t want to go! I just need to leave!” Ming turned and ran down the street, hailing a nearby cab. She watched Colette disappear behind her.

Screenshot-21lThe whole family went to search for Ming, despite her warning not to. Shang walked along all the mountainous trails that Ming was fond of hiding in, but couldn’t find her anywhere.


Ming was out, creating street art to let out some steam. Unfortunately, it was a bad day to be defacing public property.


Ming was arrested and brought to the local jail, where she aged up alone.

Screenshot-10Yue watched as her sister was taken by the police. She called home to let everyone know that Ming was okay, but wouldn’t be joining the family for the party.

“Oh sister, you’re so stupid.”

Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73The birthdays of the twins went as planned. It was a small celebration, only the immediate family was there, but it was alright. Everyone was happy.

Screenshot-75 Screenshot-77 Screenshot-78Now that Ming is a YA it is time for an heir vote (which will be in the following post)! ❤


Grand total: 27

Culturacy Points: 2

Unique Topped Self Employed Job: 1

Unique Topped Part Time Job: 1

Unique LTW: 3

100,000 Accumulated Happiness Points: 8

100,000 Accumulated Simoleons [House + Family Funds]: 4

Family Portraits: 5

Sims who received all traits with inhericy rules: 3

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  1. Heather says:

    Oh, I just love all the children! And I’m so happy Jun and Vivian are getting married! That’ll be fun. I sure hope Colette survives through the wedding!!!

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