2.10 Chūntiān ~ Hūnlǐ Yào Jì Zhù

Spring ~ A Wedding to Remember

Screenshot-50“Maman, Jun is here to ask you something.”

Colette put down her teacup and smiled. “Ah, ma petite, I figured as much. We don’t sit for tea very often.” She turned to Jun. “What is it me gendre?”

“Maman,” Vivian whispered, “he’s not your son-in-law yet.”

Colette waved her hand at Vivian and said, “He may as well be. He fathered four of my beautiful grandchildren, cooks and cleans when he’s here, and has been pining for you for decades.”


Screenshot-51“I just call it like I see it ma cherie.”

Jun stifled a laugh and then said, “Well, it seems I have the answer I came to ask.”

Colette’s eyes twinkled. “So when’s the wedding?”

“We were thinking later this spring” Vivian answered. “It’s really sudden but-”

Colette raised her hand to quiet her daughter. “Say no more. We were able to get your sister’s wedding up and running in a short period of time as well. I think we can manage.”

After they finished their tea, Jun took Colette’s hand. “I have something to offer you, it’s customary to give the bride’s family gifts.”

Screenshot-54“Oh, Jun you really didn’t have to do this.” Colette took the box and opened it. Inside was a small tea set, some gold jewelry, and 9999 simoleans.

“I don’t want to give the impression that I’m buying Vivian, betrothal gifts are customary in China. And the number 9 is a homophone for the word ‘forever.’ Please, take it.”

Screenshot-55Colette looked back over at Vivian, who gave her a thumbs up. Colette giggled and nodded. She brought Jun in for a hug and said, “Merci, merci.”

The days leading up to the wedding were the most stressful. Tai, Yue, and Shang were all trying to focus on school as well as help their parents prep for the upcoming ceremony. Invitations were written, calls were made, and they were dedicated to making Vivian and Jun’s wedding the best event of the century.


Between everyone’s busy schedules, Ming had her graduation. It was a short ceremony. Her study habits were definitely not worthy of valedictorian, but Vivian was just happy that she passed school at all.

ScreenshotAs a graduation gift, Ming got a motorcycle. Unlike her siblings, she spent most of her time riding around town and creating graffiti. She didn’t seem to want anything to do with wedding preparations.


“No seeing the bride before the wedding!” Yue teased, blocking the door to her mother’s room. Tai muffled his laughter by covering his mouth.

It was a common custom in China to block the groom from seeing the bride, and it was one that Yue and Tai were excited to participate in.

“What is mama’s favorite color?”

“What about her favorite food?”

“Where was she born?”

Jun laughed off the questions and pulled out a few red envelopes. He held them just out of reach of his children. “You each get some if you let in.”

Tai and Yue looked at each other and nodded, giggling all the while. Jun handed them the money with a wink.

Screenshot-60“Now will you two kindly go round up the rest of the family. We can’t be late.”

Yue tucked her envelope into her pocket and said, “Sure, ba. I’ll go get Shang and…well, I’m sure Ming knows when to meet us.”

Tai rubbed the back of his head. “I’ll go get nainai. I think she’s in her rocking chair.”

Screenshot-2You look happy.

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this? Can you believe I’m actually doing this? Anne-Marie certainly can’t believe I’m actually doing this…

Vivian, I want you to take a deep breath. You’re ready for this. You are.

Vivian took a deep breath and smoothed out her hair.

I guess I’m just nervous. This has been a day maman has anticipated since…well my birth, probably.

This day isn’t about Colette, this day is about you and Jun and the happiness you two are going to share.

Vivian dropped her hands and nodded. You’re right. Thanks, you always know exactly what to say.

There was a sudden knock on Vivian’s door. She rushed to open it and she saw Jun standing there, smiling. “Ready to go?” he asked.

Screenshot-53Jun and Vivian waved to the rest of the Kultura family as they left the house sheltered by red umbrellas. The red umbrella was traditionally used to protect the bride from evil spirits.

They got into their car and went to the wedding site with the rest of the Kulturas following behind them.

Screenshot-5The ceremony spot Jun chose was beautiful, even on a cloudy day. Vivian didn’t mind the bad weather, as their wedding would be taking place indoors.

Screenshot-19Once the guests arrived and were seated, the wedding began.

Vivian looked into Jun’s eyes and smiled. “Jun,” she said, “I’ve known you for…well, probably over half of my life. And anyone who knows me probably didn’t think this day would ever come. And I didn’t think it would either. I never thought of myself as the marrying type, even if the right guy came along. I’m childish and kind of weird. I like video games and comic books and I’m not always the best at expressing myself. But, I really do love you, and if I were to choose anyone to spend the rest of my life with, well I’m glad it’s you.”


Jun took out his ring for Vivian and held her hand. “Vivian, I’ve loved you for so long, but I never asked you to marry me because I knew you would say no. I’m not a perfect man. I’m hot-headed and fiercely competitive, and I don’t always know the right thing to say. But Vivian Kultura, you have matched me in every way. I’ve never met a stronger, more willful woman in my life. You have given me four wonderful children and have invited me into your life in more ways than one. I love you, Vivian, and I’m so glad we get to grow old together.”

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23As Vivian and Jun kissed, the wedding guests began throwing rice and petals. Everyone was moved by the vows.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-25

“Alright!” Vivian called, “Let’s party!”

One of the most important parts of a Chinese wedding is the feast. Vivian and Jun set up a large buffet table filled with all different kinds of food.

Screenshot-27Ming, who hadn’t said a word throughout the ceremony, showed her distaste by complaining at the table.

“I just don’t see why you chose now to get married. I mean, isn’t this like a mid-life crisis marriage?”

Vivian threw her fork down. “Ming, this isn’t the time or place.”

Ming shoved another forkful of cake in her mouth. “I mean, it’s almost like you’re both settling.”

Tai glanced at his sister and quickly stood up. “I better go meet up with Su, if that’s alright.”

Vivian nodded grimly and then got up herself. “Ming, I just wish you could be happy for someone besides yourself.”


“Hey, how are you liking the wedding?”

Screenshot-29“Oh, it’s so romantic! Thank you for the invitation. Your mother and father look really good together.”

Su is Tai’s girlfriend ((that he got at prom unexpectedly!)). They were a fairly low-key couple, but they were very happy together.

Screenshot-30And so cute!


After the confrontation with her mother, Ming headed towards the open bar (the only good part about this wedding, in her opinion). She rested her head on her arm and ordered a drink.

“You look pretty down for someone at a wedding.” The bartender commented. “Wanna talk about it.” He held out her drink.

Ming snatched the glass and turned away. “It’s none of your business.”


Ming downed her drink. What was she still doing in this small town? She should be in somewhere like Bridgeport or Starlight Shores – somewhere flashy and expensive that didn’t smell like mud and rice paddies.

She put her glass down on the bar. No one in her family liked her, not really. And Vivian was right, she didn’t want anyone to be happy. Ming nodded to herself, and decided, at that very moment, she would be moving on from the Kultura family.

Ming heard her name called. It was nainai, waving her over to the dance floor. Ming frowned. As much as she hated living in China, she couldn’t leave when her grandmother was still alive. She was the only one who seemed to care.

“Okay,” she said to herself. “I’ll wait…for now.”

Screenshot-34 Screenshot-36The rest of the night was spent dancing and celebrating into the wee hours of the morning. The Kultura family and their guests ate and drank and wished the newlyweds best wishes. Vivian and Jun received many red envelopes and wedding gifts that they didn’t know what to do with it all.


“We’re married.” Vivian said, smiling.

“Yes, we are.”

“It’s exciting.”

Jun laughed and pulled Vivian in closer, “It is. And I’m so happy we’ve decided to do this.”

“Hmm, me too.”


When the Kultura family returned home, Vivian and Jun went to go rest in bed. Jun explained that technically they were supposed to go away for three days before the bride returns home, but Vivian didn’t want to leave on a honeymoon right after the wedding.

“Give it a few hours, at least.” She teased, when Jun was planning their vacation.

So, the newlyweds would be leaving in the morning.


But, until then, they were keeping themselves quite busy.


Grand total: 28

Culturacy Points: 2

Unique Topped Self Employed Job: 1

Unique Topped Part Time Job: 1

Unique LTW: 3

100,000 Accumulated Happiness Points: 8

100,000 Accumulated Simoleons [House + Family Funds]: 4

Family Portraits: 6 (Ming’s, which you can kind of see in the beginning lol)

Sims who received all traits with inhericy rules: 3

Screenshot-4 Screenshot-8Here is a picture of Su (lower). She didn’t originally look like this lol I definitely had to take some liberties with CAS

Also, bonus picture of Yue cuz she is a cutie and while I’m disappointed Tai didn’t win she is so dang adorable. Ugh, can’t wait for gen 3 ❤












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2 Responses to 2.10 Chūntiān ~ Hūnlǐ Yào Jì Zhù

  1. Heather says:

    What a wonderful wedding! That looked like so much fun! Is there another Nooboo on the way for Vivian and Jun? I vaguely remembered something about Vivian and Jun having FIVE kids sometime way back… but I might be making that up…

    Super excited to see what’s next for Ming! Even though Yue is taking over… Which is also very cool and exciting!

    Tai and his girlfriend are so cute!

    I’m very worried about Colette’s death. I know it’s looming, and It’s going to be super sad. It seems like Pax has been gone forever…

    • plumbawesim says:

      Thanks! It took all sim week to photograph because sims are the worst wedding guests X_X
      No nooboo, they rolled 4 kids 🙂 but after Yue takes over as heir, who knows 😉
      Ming is certainly getting herself into a lot of trouble, but she does love her grandma. Who I’m also very worried about. I was so scared that she would die during the wedding! Luckily, it turned out okay but GAH. It’ll probably happen soon.
      Or, maybe she’s immortal XD

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