Hello everyone! I’m going to take this page to describe the kind of legacy the Kulturas have undergone.

Created by the wonderful zefiewings, the Cultracy is a 10 generation legacy where each heir experiences a different culture. Holidays, customs, names, and other important things within those cultures will be a central part to making this legacy.

Rules include Pinstar’s original legacy and also the following rules by zefie:

1. Founder is to be culture-less
2. Each generation must be a different culture
3. Order of cultures is up to the player
4. Family can move, but it must be to the biggest lot and no premade houses
5. The heir must be in some kind of self-employment with no repeats, spouses can only have part time jobs until generation 5 to prevent too much money from being accumulated.
6. No buying through the fridge.
7. All items must be sold via consignment.

I’m also going to be playing with randomcy limitations as well, to add a bit of challenge. The marital status, number of kids, generational goal, and miscellaneous fun will be chosen via the online app here.

Scoring will be handled as follows:

1 point per culture introduced
1 point per 100,000 lifetime happiness points earned
1 point per 100,000 net worth of simoleans (house + familyfunds)
1 point per unique lifetime wish achieved
1 point per unique maxed out self-employment career
1 point per family portrait painted
1 point per sim whose traits were chosen via zefie’s inhericy rule


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